Axum Ethiopian Restaurant: 1279 E. Hastings St. Vancouver, B.C.

Note: This review is from 3/31/2013
I have been craving Mulu's delicious food ever since the Farmers Market closed, (which reminds me, April 6th is opening day!). It is because of Mulu that I first discovered just how much I love Ethiopian food. So of  course, given both my craving and love for this cuisine, I decided the very first stop of my birthday trip last weekend should be Axum Ethiopian Restaurant in Vancouver.

Axum has been on my list of places to check out ever since Sean shared with me his list of recommended Vancouver restaurants. I am not sure why it took me so long to go there, but now that I have been there once, I will definitely return again as soon as possible. The food was absolutely fantastic, and I am afraid my pictures don't even do it justice.

My husband and I each ordered the vegetarian combo, which came with a cabbage dish, a yellow split pea dish, a lentil dish, and a spinach and greens dish. Everything came served on a platter lined with delicious injera, and then we were also given more injera on the side to to eat with. I am always impressed with people who can make injera, since I have tried and failed several times to make it myself. It is not an easy task!

The food was phenomenal and the flavors so complex and perfectly delicious. We ate almost everything on our platter and then fell blissfully into the relaxed food-coma that sometimes descends on us after we have dined on food so amazing it leaves us in a state of utter contentment. This meal was definitely a good omen for the great weekend that was to come.

We are very happy that Axum is so awesome and so vegan-friendly. And while it may be a little while before we head up to Vancouver again, this place will definitely be our first stop once we do. And in the meantime, I will also (of course!) be at the market on Saturday, since I cannot wait to see Mulu again and eat her yummy food!