Vegan Options at Bellingham Restaurants

My name is Clarissa and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in a city called Bellingham.

I have been vegetarian since Thanksgiving of 1989 and vegan since the spring of 2000. I originally created this site in 2008 as a way to share information about vegan topics and vegan options at local restaurants. At that time I wrote new posts on a weekly basis, but in 2016 I decided to change it from a blog to a website with some core restaurant information.

The information listed on this page is based on my own experiences as a vegan at these restaurants. I update it when I can but there may be some really great places out there not yet listed on this site. I do my best to make updates when I have time, but if you have questions you may want to call ahead to the restaurant you are interested in just to be sure of what the vegan options are in advance of dining there.

I hope this info is useful to you and at least can give you a place to start. Restaurants are listed below in alphabetical order.

Wild Oat Bakery & Cafe - 1305 Cornwall Ave.

I am finally adding Wild Oat Bakery & Cafe to my Vegan in Bellingham site! I know many of us have been longing and wishing for a completely vegan restaurant for quite some time, and now we finally have one.  

Unfortunately, because of my food sensitivities and allergies, I can't give you a lot of specifics based on my first-hand experience. Nearly everything on the menu contains soy, and several of the items that were originally listed as soy-free are not soy-free any longer. They also did not update their paper menus for a few weeks after making the change, and I am still waiting for the online menu to be updated. All of which serves as a great reminder to make sure you always ask questions if you have them, and don't rely on what's listed on a menu, even at a vegan restaurant. 

All of that being said, I have heard their baked goods are delicious and people rave about their french dip sandwich.  I am very very happy Bellingham finally has a vegan restaurant again, and I hope it's a sign of things to come!

Cosmos Bistro - 1151 N. State Street

Cosmos Bistro - Home of Bellingham's Best Vegan Burger!

If you haven't tried the vegan burger at Cosmos yet, I really hope you will after reading this. They make their own vegan patties from beets and black beans and they are packed with flavor! Add a side of their roasted veggies (roasted in olive oil) and you are all set for a super-tasty meal.

This is one of those dishes I have had around a half a dozen times now and it's been good every time. I think there are probably other vegan options at Cosmos, and the waitstaff who work there are always friendly and nice so I am sure they would happily answer your questions--I am just so enamored with the vegan burger and roasted veggies, I end up getting them every time. 

Once again, thanks to my friend Kymi for another great vegan in Bellingham food lead! And to everyone out there who may be reading this, if there is some place you think I should try that I have not yet written about, please email me ( or message me on Twitter (@veganinbham). I always appreciate your tips!