Monday, August 24, 2015

Vegan in Bellingham Blog Stuff

Apologies for not updating yesterday, which is what I usually do on Sundays. Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I felt more like celebrating than blogging! Additionally, I have been working on another guest post for the Vegan Delights Series on the Downtown Bellingham Partnership blog, and this time the topic will be vegan desserts. There are a number of great options to choose from in downtown Bellingham, as I am sure most of you already know, and it's been fun getting to "research" this particular topic...

I also worked a bit today on revamping and updating this blog, unlinking and suppressing some old posts that are out-of-date, and adding some notes to some  reviews of restaurants that I still love but haven't written about in awhile. I plan on continuing to make updates and improvements to this site, and I also hope to start making regular updates to my neglected site, Vegan Product Reviews as well so watch for those posts coming soon!

In the meantime, thanks for being patient with me and thanks for continually inspiring me to  keep going with these projects. You guys are the reason I keep working on all of this stuff and it's because of the connections I make with all of you that this is so rewarding.

Which brings me to my last topic for today... I am interested in launching a series of my own on this blog called "Vegans in Bellingham." I am imagining a regular (monthly or every-other-monthly) feature of a vegan who lives in Bellingham. It would include a photo of their choice + a Q&A section about being vegan and being vegan in Bellingham. It would be another fun way for the vegans in this community to connect with each other, and I already have a few people in mind who I may be hitting up for participation in this series! If you are someone who is interested, please email me at  (And for the record, you don't necessarily  need to be "in" Belingham to participate. Bring it on Skagit & Whatcom County vegans, as well as our BC neighbors! Vegan connections don't need to be restricted by geographical boundaries.) :)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Vegan Potlucks & Gratitude

Amazing Vegan Cheese Made by the Lovely Katia! 
Thanks to everyone who came to yesterday's vegan potluck in the park! I had an absolutely fabulous time and came away happy, inspired, and satiated. It was great seeing some new faces, in addition to getting to catch up with others  I had not seen in far too long!  I am excited about plans we made for future events, including a vegan taco party coming in October (hosted by the wonderful Katia of vegan cheese-making-fame), and a pre-Thanksgiving-vegan-Thanksgiving the Saturday before Thanksgiving in November. Details about these events coming very soon!

It was sooo amazing to get to spend time with you guys yesterday. I know I always talk about the power of food to bring people together, but there's nothing like a vegan potluck to demonstrate how awesome that can be. All of the vegans I have ever met LOVE food and truly appreciate the power of food, but because we are a minority (and are sometimes misunderstood), we can at times start to feel pretty isolated.

Food is such a fundamentally social thing. There's the nourishment we get from it but also there's the nourishment we get from each other when we share our food and the experience of eating together. And food comes with so many emotional associations and complex relationships--people's reactions to what you choose to eat or not eat can sometimes contain all of that emotion and complexity--which is why it's so meaningful when we can get together and celebrate all of this with people who understand both the joys and the struggles of being vegan. Add to that we can actually sample ALL of the food choices at a vegan potluck, something that never happens in the day-to-day world--what a wonderful thing!

So again, thank you for yesterday. I appreciated the great conversation, the bonding about pigs and other things, all of the laughter, the restaurant tips, and just so much inspiration. Great plans are in the works for more get-togethers and it's because of all of YOU. Thanks for continually inspiring me and connecting me to this amazing community of fabulous people that I feel so lucky to know. I look forward to seeing you all again very soon!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Reminder: Vegan Potluck is TODAY (8/15) @4pm

DATE: Saturday, August 15th @4pm
LOCATION: Marine Park

Questions? Feel free to message me on Twitter or email me

Hope to see you there!