Vegan in Vancouver, B.C.

When I first re-vamped this blog into a static site, I un-published this page because much of the information is not current, and I cannot tell you what has changed and what is still the same. However, I have recently received some requests to please re-publish this page, so here goes! I have added dates to the reviews I have written so you can see for yourself how old they are, but here they are all the same just  in case they can serve as a useful starting place when looking for vegan-friendly restaurants in Vancouver. (10/2/2016)
Being so close to the border, it's kind of crazy that I don't get up that direction more often than I do. That is something I would really like to remedy. With that in mind, I have a list that was given to me by a friend of the blog who has a lot of experience dining out in Vancouver B. C. Unfortunately, I have not yet had the chance to try these places out myself, but I still wanted to make this list available to you all. A special thanks to Sean for making this list and passing it on to us!

Here is the list in its entirety, (with additional info in parenthesis provided by Sean--thanks Sean!)
More recommendations from reader-submitted comments:

Vegan Shopping:
  • Nice Shoes: (offering vegan shoes and accessories),  3568 Fraser Street (between E 19th & 20th) Vancouver, BC