Ambo Ethiopian: 902 N State Street #104

The moment I have been dreaming of for over a year now has finally happened--Mulunesh Belay has opened Ambo Ethiopian again, now in it's new location!  As soon as I heard the news, I knew I would be there for the very first moment that she opened. I did not want to miss a moment and I could barely stand the waiting.

Yesterday, November 16, 2019, was the grand opening in the new restaurant on N. State Street, and my husband and I went with some friends to celebrate and once again enjoy Mulu's amazingly delicious cuisine. (And yes, we were the very first ones there).

I ordered the kale and yellow split peas and everything was just as good as I had remembered. I am already planning when I can eat there again (which will be tomorrow evening, in case you are wondering, followed most likely by multiple evenings this week!!).

Over this past year, I have missed the delicious vegan food from Ambo Ethiopian, and Mulu's beautiful bright smile, more than I can say, and I am so very happy she has opened a new place. The restaurant itself looks fantastic, and when you first walk in the door, you will be swept away by the smell of delicious food.

For me,  yesterday was a dream come true. If you have never had the pleasure of eating the food from Ambo Ethiopian before, I really hope you will try it now. and if you have, like me, been missing it like crazy since the Public Market closed, now you can rejoice and celebrate! Thank you, Mulu, for once again making your wonderful food available to Bellingham. I am so happy about your new restaurant, and I will see you again very soon!