Rocket Donuts: 306 W. Holly Street

Rocket Donuts is the one place in Bellingham where you can actually find delicious vegan donuts! Sometimes they run out, but I take that as a good sign that there is actually a demand for vegan donuts. But what that also means is if you are having a craving, don't wait to long to pick yours up!


Hinky Dink said…
Pumkin vegan muffins are really good and fresh, service is urban friendly lol...Nice place to hit before work
I love the pumpkin muffins, but I also have a weakness for the chocolate coconut donuts!
T said…
I checked out Rocket Donuts and picked up some vegan donuts for myself, and a few gluten free ones for a friend. Soooo delicious. The vegan ones tasted like a normal donut!

Here is a tip....if you go after 4pm the donuts are 1/2 price :)
Oh thanks for the tip! I never knew that. I recently had a vegan maple frosted donut with coconut sprinkles on top and it was heavenly. :)