Cafe Akroteri: 1219 Cornwall Ave

I have been going to Cafe Akroteri off and on for soooo many years now. It's got a great atmosphere, and I enjoy meeting friends for drinks and a catch-up in the bar area. The food has varied off and on over the years in terms of what is available for a vegan, but I have to say their most current menu has the most vegan options I have seen! Keep in mind, things can change, so when in doubt about ingredients or whether or not something is vegan, be sure and ask your server.

Cafe Akroteri recently added falafel to their menu, and you can either order it as a side dish or in a pita. If you get it as a vegan side, they will sub in some hummus for the tzatziki. And if you ask for a vegan pita, they will leave off any dairy and add hummus, (and it is particularly tasty with a side of the garlic, lemon, and olive oil dressing that you can either drizzle over it or use for dipping!) They will also make a vegan version of their Greek salad upon request.

The pita bread is now vegan, as are the lemon garlic potatoes. They still offer a vegan soup, and their hummus is of course vegan and delicious. You can either get the hummus with vegan pita bread or sub in cucumber and tomato slices--I like it both ways! They can also make a vegan veggie skewer dish (souvlaki) with grilled onions, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and mushrooms.

Even though waitstaff and bartenders have changed over the many many years I have been going to Cafe Akroteri, one thing that never changes is the consistently good service--I have always been treated very well here and whoever has helped me has always been very gracious about all of my dietary needs and questions.

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