Vegan in Bellingham Blog Stuff

Apologies for not updating yesterday, which is what I usually do on Sundays. Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I felt more like celebrating than blogging! Additionally, I have been working on another guest post for the Vegan Delights Series on the Downtown Bellingham Partnership blog, and this time the topic will be vegan desserts. There are a number of great options to choose from in downtown Bellingham, as I am sure most of you already know, and it's been fun getting to "research" this particular topic...

I also worked a bit today on revamping and updating this blog, unlinking and suppressing some old posts that are out-of-date, and adding some notes to some  reviews of restaurants that I still love but haven't written about in awhile. I plan on continuing to make updates and improvements to this site, and I also hope to start making regular updates to my neglected site, Vegan Product Reviews as well so watch for those posts coming soon!

In the meantime, thanks for being patient with me and thanks for continually inspiring me to  keep going with these projects. You guys are the reason I keep working on all of this stuff and it's because of the connections I make with all of you that this is so rewarding.

Which brings me to my last topic for today... I am interested in launching a series of my own on this blog called "Vegans in Bellingham." I am imagining a regular (monthly or every-other-monthly) feature of a vegan who lives in Bellingham. It would include a photo of their choice + a Q&A section about being vegan and being vegan in Bellingham. It would be another fun way for the vegans in this community to connect with each other, and I already have a few people in mind who I may be hitting up for participation in this series! If you are someone who is interested, please email me at  (And for the record, you don't necessarily  need to be "in" Belingham to participate. Bring it on Skagit & Whatcom County vegans, as well as our BC neighbors! Vegan connections don't need to be restricted by geographical boundaries.) :)


I was wondering if anyone knows where to find the new Beast Burger by Beyond Meat. It's a quarter pounder that actually sizzles in the pan. I wonder if it is a Whole Foods exclusive. I just moved here from Minneapolis where I worked at Whole Foods. Also, isn't Vegan in Bellingham on facebook? What a great way to communicate if it were 😀
Thanks to those of you who have reached out to me about being featured in the series I am developing about local vegans. I look forward to connecting with you all more in the very near future. And a special thanks to my very first "volunteer" who I will be introducing you all to very soon!
Hi Vagabondastrologer! Welcome to Bellingham! In answer to your questions, the new Beast Burger can be found at Safeway! And sorry to disappoint you, but FB is just not my thing. Although I am sure you can find other local vegans on it. And I am on Twitter and really enjoy communicating via that particular platform, if that's of any interest to you.