Casa Que Pasa: 1415 Railroad Ave.

I love a nice long three-day weekend, even though I am never as productive as I mean to be. I always head into that Friday night before a long weekend full of optimism and good intentions! For some reason, having 3 days ahead of me makes me think I'll have more time to devote to all of my various projects and interests, and then because I think I have more time, I actually end up playing around more and struggling to be disciplined as the weekend draws to a close... Yesterday, the weather was beautiful, the air fragrant with the scent of flowers, and the day loomed long and lovely and full of promise. So rather than stay in my comfy little study at home, typing away on my computer or reading articles for my research, I decided to walk downtown with my husband to Casa for margaritas and an early dinner/late lunch.

Casa is one of my favorite long-standing go-to places--it's been around for so long, there's something simultaneously comforting and appealing about its presence in my life. I was so very sad when they closed and so very happy when the new owners brought them back! I hope Casa is around forever.

I used to eat there as a poor undergrad during what seems like a lifetime ago now, and admittedly there is somewhat of a nostalgia factor that makes me want to return. Nostalgia and margaritas. The two go well together! Especially on a day when I feel like being carefree and irresponsible...

While there are a number of selections that can be made vegan on their menu, the core ingredients are essentially the same in each dish--flour tortillas, romaine lettuce, flavorful beans, yummy rice, and tasty pico de gallo. But you can get these core ingredients as a burrito, a cheese-less quesadilla, on a platter separated out (as in the "light lunch,"), or in my current favorite format, as soft tacos.

Yes, each dish is made from essentially the same thing, but I am ok with that--even more than ok. I sometimes get a craving for the comforting & tasty simplicity of Casa that no other place in Bellingham can satisfy. Those of you who have been in Bellingham a long time more than likely know what I am talking about. (If you, like me, still smile every time you see the painted headstone tribute to the 3B, then you probably know what I mean.) Sometimes food provides nourishment on multiple levels, and cravings are connected as much to emotion and association as they are to flavor. And because of that, I am grateful for Casa. And for three-day weekends. And for having some time to play despite my best intentions.