Curry House: 2034 Main Street, Ferndale, WA

For quite some time whenever I have complained about the lack of local Indian food options, omnivores and vegans alike have told me that I really needed to check out the Curry House in Ferndale. And everyone who told me that ended up being right!

The Curry House is family-run and everyone that works there is really nice and friendly. They cater to people with a variety of dietary needs, whether it be omnivore, vegetarian, gluten-free or vegan. In fact, the Curry House is so vegan-friendly, they even mention that they have vegan options right on their menu, which you probably know is something I always appreciate.

Even though they have a statement about vegan items on the menu, I of course still had my usual series of questions to ask before ordering, but these questions were met with knowledgeable and friendly reassurance and the answers I received in exchange made me very happy! Just about every item on the vegetable section of the menu can be made vegan, and they substitute potatoes or coconut milk in for cheese and milk whenever necessary. In addition, their naan bread is vegan, as are their pakoras, which were phenomenally delicious.

I really like both the Allu Gobi (cauliflower and potatoes) and the veganized version of the spectacularly tasty spinach dish.

The food here is so good, so rich and flavorful, with that home-cooked authentic feel. The people who own and manage the restaurant aree warm and friendly. If you are looking for a place where everyone can get something delicious to eat no matter what their dietary needs, this is the perfect spot. And, if you are in Bellingham craving delicious Indian food but don't want to drive to Vancouver BC or Seattle to get it, then Ferndale is the place to go!


Margo said…
Yum yum yum, I love indian food but haven't found anything great in B'ham. I think I'll make my family go to Curry House soon! Those pictures are making my mouth water... :)
Nightsinge said…
Huzzah! So glad you got to Curry House at long last. Great review and I'm hankering to get back there ASAP myself.

Does Icing on the Cake have vegan cupcakes or cakes too? Just candies?
Thanks for the intel.
Hi Margo, I hope you get to try it and that you like it! I went there again this past Friday for dinner and it was sooo tasty.

Hi Nightsinge! Yes, she makes vegan cakes and cupcakes upon request--she doesn't carry them consistently at the moment but is open to the possibility of doing so if there is a regular market to support them.
Anonymous said…
Have you been to Tandoori Bites in Bellingham? By far the best and most authentic Indian food to grace Bellingham in many years.
I definitely want to check out Tandoori Bites! I hope to do that soon and will share more about it once I do. Thanks for the tip!
Unknown said…
What are the hours of operation? Not in their site
Hi Dyan,

I *think* they are open every day of the week for lunch and dinner--I am not sure of their exact hours. They might close at around 9pm. I am sorry I don't know for sure!
Nightsinge said…
FYI re: Tandoori bites - I think they are awesome! But last time I went there they were closed (permanently?) Also, they only had a single cauliflower dish on the menu, though the owner was very receptive to my request for more vegan options and said he was thinking about making the entire restaurant vegetarian....