Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant: 1509 W.12TH AVE., Vancouver BC

Note: This Review is from 4/13/2014

While I generally try to stay on a budget, sometimes I really enjoy going out for a nice meal, especially when on vacation or celebrating a special occasion. And while that can occasionally entail paying a higher price for food than what my budget usually allows for, when the food is delicious and the experience wonderful, then to me it is worth the price.

For the past two years and prior to my March birthday trip to Vancouver, I had been reading rave reviews of Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant , and consequently was eager to check them out. And, as anyone who reads this blog probably knows by now, I have a thing for vegan breakfast and brunch. And I REALLY have a thing for a good vegan Benny.

The interior of Heirloom is gorgeous and bright, open and airy, light and lovely. And the people working there welcomed us with genuinely friendly faces and inviting words. From the moment we set foot inside the restaurant, I felt like I was exactly where I wanted to be. And then, of course, after checking out the brunch options, I was incredibly excited to see that they had a vegan benny option: The "Beet-Back Bacon Benny." Yes, that's right, maple-glazed beet "bacon."

I knew immediately this was the meal for me, but unfortunately I have learned from experience that in addition to my usual "Can this be made vegan?" questions, I now have to ask "Is there anything made from corn in this dish?" because of my corn allergy. Luckily for me, the woman helping us was both knowledgeable and nice, and they were able to sub in sourdough bread (which I prefer anyway) for the English muffins that had a light dusting of cornmeal.

Yes, my meal was $16.95 (Canadian), + coffee. Yes, it was a bit of a splurge. But yes, it was TOTALLY worth it. This was seriously one of the best breakfasts I have ever eaten in my entire life. I am dying to go back to Heirloom and have it again. The beet bacon was so lovely and delicious. The  vegan hollandaise sauce was wonderful. The wilted spinach superb. The sourdough bread absolutely delicious. The potatoes yummy and cooked to perfection. This was the kind of breakfast/brunch meal I dream about when I am dreaming about perfect meals (which I admit is something I do frequently.)

Next time you are in Vancouver, I strongly encourage you to check out Heirloom. All the rave reviews are there for a reason--this place is fantastic!