Pepper Sisters: 1055 N. State Street

The Pepper Sisters is one of those places that you can't help but associate with Bellingham. They are very much a part of this city. The atmosphere of the restaurant itself is simultaneously intimate yet family-friendly, and the people who work there are always helpful, nice, and gracious. They are quick to make everyone feel at ease and welcome, and I always have great service experiences at the Pepper Sisters.

Here's a close-up of some eggplant topped with pico. YUM!
Additionally, there are close to half a dozen items that are marked on the menu as being possible vegan options, which means you have a number of items to choose from, which isn't always the case in most restaurants. And there may be even more possibilities for vegan options that aren't marked as such on the menu, so if you see something you think they might be able to modify, you should feel free to ask. I am sure it goes without saying at this point that I am a definite fan of the eggplant tostada.

Served on a crispy flour tortilla layered with black beans, slightly smoky and very tasty eggplant, fresh cabbage, greens, tomato, black olives, a light dressing and pico de gallo, this entree has a lot of flavor and always leaves me very satisfied.

Occasionally they will even offer special appetizers that can be made vegan, like this lovely beet crostini dish that was as amazing to eat as it is pretty to look at. Pepper Sisters is not only vegan-friendly, it is family-friendly, date-friendly, everyone-friendly, and flavor-friendly!


Unknown said…
One of our FAV places to go. Quite often they'll post the VEG special on FB but never soon enough for us to see to make a plan. I've wanted to try their Tofu specials, but miss it every time.