Vegan Deviled Eggs and Nayonaise

Awhile back I was sent some Nayonaise samples to try out, and I have been meaning to do something creative with them ever since. For some reason I have also been thinking about deviled eggs, and then yesterday it hit me: Why not make some vegan deviled eggs with the Nayonaise? So I did and they turned out awesome. (I now know what my next potluck dish is going to be!)

Now if you Google "vegan deviled eggs," numerous recipes abound, some requiring the use of a variety of different ingredients to come up with "egg" white shell to hold the deviled goodness. I wanted something simple and came across a couple of recipes that use small potatoes, which sounded perfect to me. I happened to pick up some small red potatoes that were just the right size the other day, so it was meant to be.

For the "yolk" part, I read several recipes that used everything from hummus to cashews to tofu or potatoes, and I decided a combination of silken tofu and potatoes would do the trick. From there I just sort of made it up until it tasted right, and stumbled on to a great recipe.

Vegan Deviled Eggs:

In a large pot, boil 10-12 small red potatoes until cooked--(I didn't time them, just kept checking them with a fork. They maybe took 10 to 15 minutes?) Let them cool slightly and then cut them in half. Scoop the middles out of the potato halves and place in your food processor. Arrange the potato halves on a tray or plate for filling.

To mix the "egg" yolk, add 1 package of extra firm silken organic non-GMO tofu to the food processor along with the potatoes. Then add the following:

3 tablespoons "whipped" Nayonaise
1 teaspoon cider vinegar
2 tablespoons spicy brown mustard
1/2 teaspoon tumeric
1 teaspoon kala namak
1/4 teaspoon onion powder

Blend until mixed in the food processor. The mixture should be thick and creamy. You can taste it at this point and make sure it tastes the way you want it to or adjust seasoning as needed. For my "eggs," this particular combination of ingredients was just right.

A few things to note: you definitely need to mix everything with a food processor or some kind of mixer--mixing by hand won't give you the texture that you need. Also, the kala namak is essential for providing the "egg" flavor. (You can buy some at the Co-op, at Spice Hut, or The Market on Lakeway). And also, I think the "whipped" version of the Nayonaise works particularly well in this recipe since it is so creamy and light, and the ingredients in it complement the deviled "egg" flavors. (Also as a side note, the Nasoya rep did confirm with me that the soy used in Nayonaise is non-GMO, in case you were wondering.)

Once your eggy mixture is ready, scoop it into the potato halves, dust with paprika, chill and then serve! My husband really loved these as well, which makes me particularly happy since he  really likes traditional deviled eggs and now has a satisfying vegan alternative. I hope you will also be pleased with how easy these are to make and just how tasty they are!


aredcardigan said…
OMGAWD if only I could reach out and grab one...

I keep forgetting to thank you for the Chloe Cosarelli recipes. I actually started a blog like 6 months ago but sorta forgot about it. I'm trying to blog again...*fingers crossed.
Hey! I am so happy you are blogging again!!! I can't wait to check it out. You are awesome and it's great to hear from you! :)
loumura said…
Thanks for the recipe, I will try it out. Also, Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you had a great time at Whistler. Lots of nice paths to walk.
loumura said…
I made the deviled eggs! I whipped the ingredients in my food processor a bit too long I think...the texture turned out like wallpaper paste :)! However, the taste was SUPERB, and reminded me of the potato salad I used to make with eggs! I loved them, and I think the mixture would go great on crackers as well for an appetizer! My husband isn't crazy about cold potatoes, so I ate them all myself so it's good I only made a half of a batch! The leftover mixture I am going to experiment with by adding chunks of cooked potato and some chopped celery so it's like a potato salad. I think it will be delicious. This definitely is a recipe I will make again and I will be sure not to over-process the mix next time!
Sorry about the paste, :) but I am glad you liked the flavor! I made these for yesterday's potluck and I think they turned out really well-- I was very happy with the positive feedback I got from everyone.

Since the size of the potatoes varies a bit, and I made a few more this time around, I did taste and tweak the flavor as I made it, which I recommend doing--this time I needed to add a tad bit more cider vinegar to get the flavor just right.

And you are right--I think it is better not to over-process the filling--it should be creamy but not pasty.

Let me know how these end up working out for you when you try them again!