Brandywine Kitchen, 1317 Commercial Street

Brandywine Kitchen is one of my favorite places to go, mainly because of their yummy vegan lentil soup and tasty salad combo. Their basil vinaigrette dressing is so delicious, and I love a good salad that includes pickled beets! 

Their french fries are often said to be the best in town, made with organic potatoes fried in peanut oil in a fryer where no other food was cooked, making them vegan.

They also usually have a sandwich or two on their menu that can be made vegan, if not vegan already. And I am also a fan of the casual atmosphere and friendly staff. 


Anonymous said…
Just curious if you, or any of your readers, have eaten here recently. Any vegan options?
Hi! I went back not too long ago and they had a vegan soup and a salad that could be made vegan, and I liked both of those. Still wish they would get another vegan sandwich option! To be honest, I don't go there nearly as much as I used to, and I have heard from a few people about their fries not being quite as good as they used to be. I think they are still vegan but I am not positive--need to double-check and make sure they still have a separate fryer for their fries because if they don't, that might explain the issue they were having with soggy french fries. :( I will update you as soon as I have more to share! THANKS!