Temple Bar: 306 W. Champion

 Temple Bar is one of my favorite spots to meet friends for drinks, and while they no longer list a vegan happy hour special on the menu, the staff there are really great about making something vegan upon request.

Their menu changes seasonally, so you never really know what you are going to get, but past choices have ranged from amazing salads with roasted carrots and cavier lentils, to pickled veggies, olives andwarm pistachios, to a roasted cauliflower wedge drizzled with cilantro pesto.

I love this place for socializing and unwinding, and I appreciate how they will always make something vegan for me, even if I am not sure what it will be until I ask.

If you are looking for a nice place to grab a little bite and enjoy a nice drink, Temple Bar is a great place to go.


Jordan said…
May I suggest The Honeymoon, as well! Linda or Sam will be your friendly 'bar tender' at this lovely place. Although the honeymoon's specialty is mead, they also have an excellent dry cider and a few wines. They almost ALWAYS have a homemade vegan soup (Linda does all of the food), and can fix you up a beautiful vegan tapas plate anytime you ask. Linda catered our vegan wedding and she is always thinking of the diversity in people's diets. Plus, such a cute date spot- great atmosphere and live music.
Thanks Jordan--what great information--I had no idea!!! I am adding Honeymoon to the top of my list of places to check out.