Book Fare Cafe: 1200 11th St.

 You may recall that back in May , I tried to review Book Fare Cafe, but unfortunately they were closed by the time I got there, and I was pretty bummed. I had been meaning to go back ever since, and finally one November Saturday finally provided me with just the right opportunity, and I was able to join my husband and mother-in-law for lunch at Book Fare.

Book Fare Cafe is located in Fairhaven in Village Books on the mezzanine level of the store, so it's a perfect place to eat when you are already out and about enjoying all the goodness that is Village Books. I had heard good things about the cafe from a number of different people, and I was really looking forward to my meal. After studying the menu board, I decided on the soup and salad combo. The vegan soup of the day was a creamy red potato rosemary and onion soup, and it was absolutely amazing. I am super-picky about soup, and so I was a little worried that my choice would disappoint me, but it most definitely did not. I have never made creamy potato soup with red potatoes before, usually choosing to use instead either russets or Yukon golds, but now I want to try it out with reds because the flavor was so perfect and delicious. The salad was fresh and tasty as well, with slivers of raw beets and carrots over a bed of garden-fresh mixed greens.

The menu at Book Fare Cafe is based on seasonally and locally available ingredients, and there is always something vegan on the menu board. In addition, they are very vegan-friendly and don't mind  answering your questions if you see something you like but you aren't sure if it's vegan. Also, they sometimes even have a vegan treat of some kind if you are craving something sweet. The day I was there I opted for coffee instead of dessert, and I also learned that they offer a variety of vegan milks, including soy, rice, almond, and hemp. The chef was particularly nice, and the atmosphere relaxed and comfortable. I am so glad to have finally made it to Book Fare Cafe, and I will definitely be dining there again soon. I can't think of a better combination than books and delicious food!


Lyle said…
I'm never disappointed in whatever vegan items that Charles has on the menu. Lately, I've been getting the vegetarian sandwich without the goat cheese and it is seriously good.
Oh I can't wait to try the sandwich! I am even more excited to go back now--thanks Lyle!