AB Crepes: 1311 Railroad Avenue

AB Crepes
 The vegan crepe is made from chickpea flour and flax seed, and has a really yummy slightly sweet flavor. You can pick from a long list of ingredients of what you would like to go inside your crepe, and you can make it either sweet or savory.

Vegan Mediterranean Crepe with Hummus
I usually get a vegan version of the Mediterranean crepe, which has spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives. You can also add some hummus for me, which makes it kind of creamy.

Another version I like includes avocado, spinach, and mushroom. The creamy avocado flavor goes well with the slightly sweet crepe.


katiejayne said…
Awesome! I assumed they wouldn't have anything vegan there. I'll have to check it out!
Yes, you should--it's really yummy. I know, when I first heard about them, I assumed they wouldn't have anything vegan either. I love it when my assumptions are challenged, especially when it means more surprising and tasty vegan options!
Just had another crepe last night--this time I chose avocado, spinach and tomato. It was SOOO good. the avocado was so creamy and amazing. The guys working there are always so nice too. If you haven't been here yet, you really should check it out!
loumura said…
I was disappointed when I visited AB crepes this summer. They said they could do vegan, but they used a SWEET crepe and put veggies in it. The variety of veggies wasn't good and it was dry. Just not enthused to try it again
Sorry you did not like it. I really happen to like this place a lot, and while the crepe does have a bit of a sweet under-flavor to it (maybe because of the flax? of the chickpea flour? I am not sure), I don't think the overall flavor of the crepe is incompatible with the veggies. My favorite combo is still avocado, spinach, and tomato. It's so tasty! I will definitely be going back soon.
OK my new fave ingredient combo is avocado, spinach, and mushroom. YUMMY!!! Had this for dinner this past Friday. I ate the WHOLE thing and it was fantastic.