Chaco Canyon: 4757 12th Ave NE, Seattle

Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

What if there was a certified organic restaurant that served amazingly delicious food made from fresh organic ingredients? What if this same restaurant was also committed to sustainable business practices and improving the world? Wouldn't you want to eat there? Luckily, there is such a place, and it is located not too far from us Bellinghamsters in Seattle. A few weeks ago, we went with some friends after VegFest to enjoy a meal together at Chaco Canyon, a place we had been dying to check out since the first time we heard about their should-be-famous pesto melt sandwich.

The sandwiches at Chaco Canyon come with either soup or salad, and I chose the house salad because I was craving fresh veg and thought the description sounded really delicious. The dressing on the salad was made with apple cider vinegar and garlic, and it was sweet and tangy at the same time. The salad itself consisted of mixed greens topped with cucumbers, carrots, marinated onion, sprouts and sesame seeds. It was so fresh it tasted as though someone had gone outside and picked the lettuce leaves only moments before making my meal. 

Pesto Melt and Salad

The pesto melt lived up to its reputation and did not disappoint in any way. Served panini-style with homemade pesto sauce made from cilantro and pumpkin seeds, vegenaise, vegan cheesy sauce, marinated onions, cucumber,  and sprouts, after only one bite I knew why people talk about craving this sandwich. I am now one of those people, wishing I could eat this again, soon, today!

One of the other things I love about Chaco Canyon is their great selection of fresh juices. As some of you may know, I am really into using juice and what I call my "homemade concoction" to prevent and fight colds. I make a drink out of water, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper that really works wonders when I feel a cold coming on.  I was not feeling 100% that day and while it could have been seasonal allergies, I was still tempted by Chaco Canyon's "flu buster" juice, made from fresh apple, orange, lemon, and ginger, with a little bit of garlic and cayenne pepper, served hot.

Flu Buster

This juice was amazing! Immediately I started feeling like I could breathe more easily, and I felt my energy begin to return. I was so impressed by the instant improving effect of the "flu buster," that I made a note to myself to try and make it myself at home when I needed it next. I can definitely see getting through yet another winter without a cold or the flu with this juice to help me. It really is awesome how much healing power we have access to in the food we consume.

In summation, Chaco Canyon is a really wonderful place, with delicious food, phenomenal juices, and a commitment to a healthier planet, I encourage you to check them out when you can.  With two locations, one in the U-District and one in West Seattle, I plan to definitely make them a regular stop from now on whenever I am in Seattle.


Anonymous said…
Hello CM, this of the subject of food but saw ur info on hair color. I am vegan and looking for non chemical hair dyes. I currently use Nutrisse which is not the best. It covers my premature grays but as u know the chemicals. So from Nuturtint, which would fit my color I use from Nutrisse. I use 5 (N) medium brown. What would you suggest? Is there a website or contact info? Can I get this at whole foods? I live in DC. Please need ur help thanks Gela.
Hi Gela,
If I were you I would try the 5G--it's what I use now and it works really great.

Also, here is their website address:

Let me know how it goes and what you end up doing! :)