Bellingham Community Food Co-op Deli

My husband and I have a weakness for food from the deli at the Co-op. It doesn't matter if we are on a budget and trying not to eat out, and it doesn't matter what we are in the mood for, the food from the delis always sound good and is always a temptation. Sometimes after a particularly hard day, all my husband has to do is look at me and say "Co-op?" and suddenly all is right with the world again.

The thing about the food from the Co-op is not only is it delicious, you can also rest assured that the ingredients they use are high-quality and good for you. It's "fast" food because you don't have to wait around long for it, but without any of the negative fast food guilt. And unlike conventional fast food, you actually feel physically good after eating the food from the Co-op.

The other great thing about the Co-op is that they take the guess-work and the questions out of trying to figure out what is vegan and what is not. Once I inquired as to what the Co-ops' stance was on cross-contamination between vegan and non-vegan ingredients, something that is always a concern among vegans, and they had this great response:

 "We at the Co-op go to great lengths to assure there is no cross contamination between our vegan, vegetarian and gluten free items. We sanitize work surfaces and utensils between the production and/or wrapping of each item. In the case we make sure that the items are in their own serving vessel or lined with a protective barrier, like kale or deli paper."

 It was reassuring to me to know they do take this issue seriously, and despite my one frustrating experience regarding the ingredient change with the gluten-free roll, I feel pretty comfortable as a vegan choosing food from the Co-op. In addition to great meal choices, if you are in the mood to indulge your sweet tooth, you will always find something amazing for dessert as well. 

 Member-owned and operated, the Co-op is truly part of our community, and I feel really fortunate to have access to two different locations. I encourage you to become a member and check out their delis if you haven't already. If you ever have any questions about products or ingredients, talk to someone at one of the service desks. I have always gotten great service from them and walked away a happier person with my questions answered.


Lyle said…
I like the beets, too. Other winners are: Chili tofu (chopped into cubes and added to green salad); Eggless tofu salad for sandwiches (I add sliced black olives); Sesame noodles, hot or cold;
the online recipe for African yam and peanut soup is really good. For a special occasion, the German chocolate cake is to die for.
Oh I like your idea for adding the chili tofu to a salad! I think the Raw Deal is probably my favorite salad ever. Thanks for the heads up about the chocolate cake recipe--that's good to know!
Lacey said…
At the Cordata store they make custom sandwiches to order. It's one of the only places that I can get gluten free Udi's bread, soy cheese, a variety of flavored tofus and veganaise. They also have traditional favorites. YUM!
Thanks for the tip about the sandwiches Lacey! That's good to know!
Hinky Dink said…
downtown deli: sandwiches mooshy and drenched in me the coop seems to not care about the freshness and quality of their food at all. This is the only place in all my life where I bought 2 salads and wanted my money back they were so tasteless and just bad (old tomatoes even) When I asked if they could make me another sandwich than the one that had visibly wet bread, the person said flat out no.. and turned his back on me. He seemed to be confused about why I wouldn't want compressed wet bread on my sandwich. I will never eat at that location again. I even had baklava that was compressed into a big slab of just moosh.. nasty
I have never had that experience at the co op, so I am sorry to hear you did not like it. The co op is one of my fave places in town--they usually have a variety of tasty salads to choose from. I have never had a mushy bread sandwich there either. I can only go on my experiences--too bad your wasn't good; that is very surprising to me.