The Naam: 2724 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver B. C. (Kitsilano district)

Note: This review is from 4/3/2011

It's not hard to find a yummy vegan breakfast in Vancouver. Behold this amazing breakfast feast that I enjoyed at The Naam Restaurant, a full-service vegetarian restaurant that is open 24 hours a day. I ordered the Vegan Pancake Platter, which came with these fantastic home made vegan sausages that contained an assortment of  tasty veggies including corn, carrots, peas, red pepper, and herbs and spices. My meal also came with fresh home fries made out of Yukon Gold potatoes from the Fraser Valley cooked with fresh parsley and green onions and paired with the most amazing miso gravy I have ever tasted in my life.

The pancakes were absolutely HUGE, and I have to admit I couldn't even finish one of them, let alone the two that came with my meal. The service was great and the people who worked there were very friendly and welcoming. The interior is really cute and comfortable, with local art displayed on the walls and a couple of cozy nooks to hide away as well as a number of tables and chairs throughout. We grabbed a nice little window seat so we could enjoy people-watching outside as we ate. The restaurant is well-lit due to lots of windows which lets in the natural light.

I am definitely interested in checking out Naam again sometime for lunch or dinner as well. Their menu is very vegan-friendly, and if their other dishes are anything like the breakfast I had, then I am sure I would enjoy them as well. They even have vegan desserts on their menu. What more could I ask for?