Panz Veggie: 3485 Fraser St., Vancouver B.C

Tangy Sweet and Sour Soya Ribs with Chow Mein and Spring Roll
Note: This Review is from 2/27/2011. 

Good Chinese food can be hard to find around here, especially good Chinese food that is also vegan. When I last left off, my husband and I were about to embark on a spontaneous trip to Vancouver. After consulting the list of restaurant suggestions from Sean, (btw thanks to those of you who have added even MORE places to the list!) we decided to check out Panz Veggie, and I am so glad that we did. We will definitely be eating there again. Not only did they have an extensive completely vegan menu, they also had a killer lunch special which consisted of soup, entree, rice or chow mein, spring roll, and dessert for around ten bucks.

Buddha's Feast
I ordered the Buddha's Feast with steamed brown rice, while my husband went for the Tangy Sweet and Sour Soya Ribs with chow mein. We of course shared with each other so we could have a taste of everything, and I was very impressed with the flavors in both dishes.

They use fresh local produce and the sauces were also full of tremendous flavor. The soup was warm and tasty, and I might be wrong but it tasted to me like it had a mushroom base. It was a nice way to begin the meal. The dipping sauce for the spring roll was some kind of combination of citrus and ginger that I could not get enough of. After I finished my spring roll, I actually dumped the rest of the sauce over my brown rice because it was so delish!

Tangy Sweet and Sour Soya Ribs

My husband really loved his dish and the chow mein was also fantastic. The sauce on the veggies and soya ribs had almost a mandarin flavor, and there were little chunks of some kind of orange mixed in with the veggies and the "ribs." The ribs were amazingly meat-like--one of those dishes that could please either vegan or omnivore.

The atmosphere of the restaurant itself was also quite nice, peaceful and warm, a refuge on a cold day, filled with appetizing aromas and positive energy. We enjoyed sipping our tea and delighting in our long leisurely meal, savoring every bite and relaxing into good conversation.

Buddha's Feast with Brown Rice and Spring Roll

  At the end of the meal, we were brought a tasty morsel for dessert. I am not exactly sure what it was made of, but I think it may have had a red bean curd and coconut milk base. Whatever it was, I really enjoyed it and it was nice to conclude our  meal on a sweet note. The service was great, the food wonderful, and the atmosphere inviting. What more could anyone ask for? I am so glad we decided to succumb to my spontaneous urge and travel to B.C. for an enjoyable meal and pleasurable day. Thanks again to Sean for the B.C. suggestions, and thanks to Panz Veggie for a fantastic dining experience!