Bandito's Burritos: 120 W. Holly Street

**Unfortunately, Banditos is now closed. I am removing this restaurant listing from the active links. We miss you Banditos!***

Thanks to a reader (Jenna!) who commented that I had to try the vegan version of Bandito's Burritos yamchildas, I now know of another local dish that I will be getting frequent cravings for. Just about anything on the menu at Bandito's can be made vegan, and the friendly staff there are more than willing to make it so. They are all knowledgeable about and fond of the food they prepare, and they are very kind when answering food-related questions.

And while there are still a number of things I could try on the menu, I think I may be sticking with the yamchiladas, at least for awhile anyway because they are so very very tasty. The yams are soft and melt-in-your-mouth yummy, cooked perfectly, really rich in flavor with just the right texture. The dish also comes with beans and rice and is sprinkled with fresh tomatoes. And, Bandito's has a really great salsa bar where you can try out any numbers of salsas in varying degrees of heat, as well as in a variety of flavors.

Banditos is clean and bright inside, painted a cheery yellow which is quite inviting, especially on a dreary Northwest day, or there is also some outdoor seating if you want to enjoy the sunshine and people watch while you eat, which can be particularly entertaining when downtown. Another great thing is that the prices are fair and the portions large, definitely a great value when you are on a budget, but the best thing of all is that the food is so delish! I am so glad to have finally tried Bandito's and to have witnessed first-hand how very vegan-friendly and awesome they are. Thanks again to Jenna for the wonderful recommendation.