The Bagelry: 1319 Railroad Ave

Vegan tofu potato scramble & bagel

The Bagelry is a Bellingham institution and they are very vegan-friendly. The Bagelry offers both vegan breakfast options and vegan lunch options. They always have at least one vegan soup and their soups are delicious. They even have Earth Balance butter and non-dairy milk for your coffee! I love this place and am so glad they are in Bellingham.

Vegan White Bean Soup with Bagel Croutons
My meal pictured below was the vegan garlic lentil soup with a garlic bagel. The soup was fantastic and seasoned really well. The lentils were just the right consistency, and the garlic flavor wasn't too powerful but rather more subtle, like that of roasted garlic. I love soup for lunch and am really pleased there is a local restaurant with regular vegan soup options. So if you are like me and have not yet eaten at The Bagelry, go check it out! (Oh but just a heads up, they don't take debit cards, so be sure and bring cash or a check.)


Elizabeth said…
I didn't know that The Bagelry was vegan--good to know. I haven't gone back since going vegan because I made an assumption.
I was so surprised to find out about the breakfast options. I am looking forward to trying that out too sometime soon. And trying out their other soups, yum!
Anonymous said…
Do you know if the sugar they use in their bagels is vegan-friendly too?
I am not sure if they use any sugar, or what kind of sugar they use if they do. I am sorry! I only know that they offer their bagels as vegan. (While I always ask about animal by-products, meat, dairy, etc. I don't always ask about sugar. I am hopeful that most local places that are concerned about using local and organic ingredients also use organic sugar, but I do not know for sure.)
Anonymous said…
They also have fresh local clover sprouts form Happy Valley Sprouts!
Carie said…
Do you know if they have the ingredients for their bagels listed anywhere?