D'Annas Cafe: 1317 N State St

I think D'Anna's is so very-vegan-friendly because they always welcome my questions and respond favorably to my requests. Their spinach pasta has no eggs and is vegan, so substitution of their spinach noodles is pretty easy if you want to order a variation of a pasta dish that you see on the menu.

My favorite dish is the "aglio e olio" with spinach rigatoni noodles, and it's even better if you add mushrooms. It is made with garlic and crushed walnuts and olive oil and the portion is quite generous. You should get at least two meals out of this. You could probably get three, but it tastes so damn good it takes tremendous self-control to stop eating even after you are full. So for me it is usually dinner one night and then lunch the next day. The bread that they bring out usually has cheese on it, but they will easily and graciously make a vegan version upon request. The green salad is also quite good, with a tasty vinaigrette that is also vegan.

D'Anna's is one of those places where I love to eat, but I have to know that I probably won't feel like doing anything arduous or responsible afterwards. I couldn't say stop in there for a quick bite on a day or evening where I have a lot to do and need a lot of energy. Eating at D'Anna's makes you want to take it slow and easy and tricks you into thinking you have no worries. Which is why eating there makes me feel more like my Friday self rather than my Monday self. Which can be nice because sometimes my Mondays need a little Friday in them. 


Unknown said…
I am glad that you posted such kind words about the restaurant I cook at. I am also vegan, and would like you to know about a few more great options. A very easy one to order is the broccotos special without sausage. The meal already comes with spinach rigatoni, so you just need to ask for no sausage, no cheese. Another is the grilled shitake chicken. Just order it with no chicken and your choice of pasta. And a little secret, we do not charge for extra veggies. That makes the price without meat seem a bit more fair. Thanks for this blog, it will make going out a bit more fun for us!
Hi Andrew,
I only just today discovered this comment--thanks so much for the suggestion of what else to order at D'Annas. That sounds so good! I really love D'Annas so much and think it is one of Bellingham's Best Places. Thanks so much for reading this blog and for the great tip! I look forward to eating at D'annas again soon. :)
Abby said…
D'Anna's is my Bellingham favorite! I always get the spinach rigatoni with vegan pesto. It is beyond delicious. And vegan pesto... the only place I have gotten that elsewhere is at home. I order mine a little spicy with veggies and it is so delicious, I find myself in Friday mode as well. My husband's favorite is the Pasta Puttenesca, vegan style. Very yummy with loads of kalamata olives in it. Our son is partial to just the regular pasta marinara and is always happy for a stop in to D'Anna's where the staff is not only vegan-friendly, but also kiddo-friendly. Cheers to D'Anna's... a true Bellingham gem!
I had no idea they make a vegan pesto!!! YUM! I am so excited to go there again and order it. Yes, D'Anna's is one of Bellingham's Best Places for sure. We are so lucky!
aly said…
I felt the waitstaff was attentive here...when I mentioned I didn't want the bread because of the cheese, she made several recommendations for dishes that could be vegan. What a relief since my fiancee loves the place, and we can compromise
That's so great! D'Annas is always such a wonderful place to eat. I have always had excellent service there, and I like that they make a vegan version of the bread that is really tasty too.
Unknown said…
totally amazing restaurant an service. Walked in and said, make me something Vegan? And was so beyond happy, I couldn't wait to go back! My mother and step father go every week, and my food is always so delish, she is ordering my style more often.
Hinky Dink said…
Strangeeeee I went in and asked for vegan and the bartender and two other staff looked at me like I had lost my mind and like they had no idea what I was talking about??? actually they were pretty rude about it lol
Are you sure you were in D'Annas? I don't remember a bar there--I know they serve wine, but I cannot picture an actual bar with a bartender. D'Annas is one of the most vegan-friendly places in town, so that is very odd.
Had a great meal here this past weekend--wish I could be more adventurous and order something different, I just always know I will love my usual dish, so I find I always get the same thing. I had forgotten about Andrew's comment above--next time that is what I am doing for sure!
Anonymous said…
We finally made it to D'Annas. The texture of the homemade pasta was great. Kyle got spinach spaghetti with the walnuts and garlic. I had pasta primavera- but wish I got his! They were both really tasty. Thanks for your great reviews, they are always very helpful.

YAY! I am so glad you guys made it and that you liked it! :)
Nightsinge said…
Just a fast update: We went there at 9:45 pm last week. Thought D'Anna's was open until 10:30 but no; it closes at 10 pm. We apologized and started to leave but the amazing Sarah said, "no no, please stay!"

When I told her I was vegan, she immediately told me that the regular noodles had eggs in them and suggested spinach ones.

And not only that, she hustled off to make me VEGAN BREAD with my salad and meal, despite my protestations and that they were all-but closed.

The food was great, and the amazing Sarah is my hero. Thanks so much, D'Anna's!
This post was one of my earliest, and I gotta say, all these years later, D'Annas is still amazing. I LOVE this place and they have always been and still remain vegan-friendly and absolutely awesome.