Vegan Mexican food at El Gitano: 1125 E Sunset Drive

Tasty vegan Mexican food is always a treat, especially in the middle of long dreary winter days when the sun begins to feel like nothing more than a hazy memory. El Gitano will make you forget the dark cold days, at least for awhile, as you enjoy their delicious chips and salsa and sip on a margarita. El Gitano has a vegetarian section on their menu and they are also very accommodating when it comes to adapting menu items to make them vegan. One of the things vegans frequently have to be aware of at some Mexican restaurants is whether or not the food they ordered was cooked in animal fat, or if animal by-products are used during the preparation process. It can be hard to relax and enjoy your food when you have to ask a million questions, although people are generally very nice when they answer them, which makes it easier. The staff at El Gitano have always been very nice whenever I have eaten there and had questions to ask, which I appreciate.