Pizza'zza: 2418 Alabama St. (in Yorky's Market)

Awhile back, someone contacted me to share information about local pizza places that were inadvertently using non-vegetarian crust mix that they got from Bellingham Flatbread to make their vegetarian pizzas, and Pizza'zza was one of the places listed. However,  I was also told that the pizza places using these non-veggie crusts were working to remedy the situation.

Since that time, I am happy to report that Pizza'zza no longer uses any non-vegan ingredients in their regular crust. (I believe their ingredient list is pretty straightforward - flour, semolina, olive oil, salt, yeast, water). I recently had the pleasure of eating a veganized vegetarian pizza from Pizzazza, and I really like it. Covered in veggies (mushrooms, artichokes, zucchini, peppers, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, and roasted garlic), this cheese-less pizza was full of fresh ingredients and wonderful flavor.The pizzas themselves come on one size: HUGE (!) and they will easily feed a number of vegans or else give you plenty of leftovers for days to come.

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