Icing on the Cake: 314 W. Champion St.

***2/12/2017 UPDATE: Vie Sweet from Icing on the Cake recently contacted me to let me know she whipped up a new batch of vegan chocolates in honor of Valentine's Day! Stop by to pick some up for yourself or your sweetie and you will fall in love with her amazing chocolate creations!

A little while ago, I briefly mentioned the amazing chocolates I was able to try from Icing on the Cake and promised to do a longer feature later. Well, it is now later and I have lots to share with you. Lucky me, I was contacted by the store's lovely owner, Vie Sweet, who generously invited me to stop by and sample some vegan caramels. A couple of weeks after this kind invitation, my husband and I wandered downtown and popped into the very cute store and had a great chat with Vie.

Not only did she give me the most beautiful, lovely, and divine-tasting chocolates and turtles to try, she had also made me a gorgeous and wonderful cake, which is featured in the photo at the top of this post. And now I have a bit of an embarrassing confession to make: The cake was soooo delicious, so wonderful, so good, that every time I had some of it, I would actually get so excited about eating it I would forget to take a picture of it sliced and beautifully presented on a plate, photographed in all of its loveliness so that you could see the rich chocolate that made up its interior.

Honestly, you would think that after all these years of writing about and photographing food, and with and ENTIRE cake at mine and my husband's disposal, I would have snapped at least one photograph of it once I had cut into it. I think I was so blown away by the beautiful cake and how amazingly delicious it was, it really slipped my mind completely, and on repeated occasions, to take a single picture.

While embarrassing for me, I share this in an attempt to somehow convey to you how awesome this cake was. While most vegans I know understand that vegan desserts and baked goods can be just as good (if not better!) than their non-vegan counterparts, I do think there is still a general misconception out there by most omnivores that a vegan dessert just won't be as good as one that is made with dairy and eggs. And this cake was an example of something that could dispel that misconception--I truly don't think anyone would ever have guessed it was vegan--it was so rich, so moist and so very chocolatey and good.

And this cake was in addition to Vie Sweet's amazing chocolates, which were better than any vegan chocolates I have ever had. If you haven't stopped by Icing on the Cake yet, you most definitely should. I can't recommend Vie's chocolate creations enough! Bellingham is lucky to have someone so talented in this city.

Currently, she makes vegan cakes and cupcakes only for special orders, but she did mention that if there was enough of a market for them, she would be interested in carrying them more regularly. And she has definitely proven to me that she is exceptionally vegan -friendly. Thank you, Vie Sweet, for your delicious generosity! I know I will be seeing you again soon!


Unknown said...

We proved at The Grace Cafe that there IS a market for it. We sold vegan muffins & cupcakes all the time. She just needs to get the word out. Someone besides the Co-Op needs to jump in!

CM said...

Heidi is this you?! I wrote you a super-long very belated email and it bounced back to me because you were already gone and it was your old email address. :( Please feel free to email me again some time so we can stay in touch! And thanks for all you did at The Grace Cafe!!!

loumura said...

That would be wonderful to see cakes and cookies done by Icing on the Cake! Particularly because the Co-op bakery for some reason loads their stuff up with WAY too much sugar, it's almost gagging. Not sure why that's necessary? I think those who like vegetarian and vegan food also don't like that much sugar! Bet she could compete easily and for the same price.