Happy Hour at the Cliff House Restaurant: 331 N. State Street

I hate to say this, but as vegan-friendly as Bellingham is, there are some restaurant that I honestly don't expect to have anything at all I can eat, not even a salad. Sometimes this is based on my perception of a place; sometimes it is based on experience; sometimes it is a little bit of both. Which is why I am pleasantly surprised when I am at such a place and find there is something I can nibble on with my drink, even if it's not listed as an actual entree, especially when this happens at the kind of place everyone wants to go to because of its otherwise awesome atmosphere and location.

The Cliff House is one of those places in Bellingham that everyone knows about. It's probably the best restaurant in the city to watch the sun set, and since during winter, the sun still sets fairly  early, this can easily be accomplished during happy hour (which is from 4:30 to 6:30pm).

Happy hour drink & menu prices at the Cliff House are really quite good, and while the menu is primarily made up of non-vegetarian & vegan items, I was happy to see a hummus platter as one of the appetizer options! I am always a fan of the hummus platter. Not only am I a huge fan of the chickpea in general and hummus in particular, the hummus platter is the one possible vegan item you can often find at restaurants that don't usually have vegan options. At the Cliff House, the hummus platter is vegan without the pita, and they will sub in more veggies and leave the pita off if you ask. 

Served with fresh cucumber, red pepper, carrots, kalamata olives, and a cherry tomato confit, the hummus platter was lovely and colorful to look at and even tastier to eat. The hummus itself is made in-house, and it had such great flavor that I took what I couldn't finish home, not wanting to waste a single bite. 

The service at the Cliff House is also fantastic--everyone is friendly and the atmosphere is so inviting. I enjoyed the company of my wonderful friends immensely as we watched the sun set over the bay together. I think this might be one of my favorite go-to happy hour spots in Bellingham now and I look forward to returning there soon. (By the way, I can't take credit for the sunset pic--that was snapped by one of my friends with her phone, but it gives you an idea of the lovely view we had the evening we were there.)


Nightsinge said...

I like hummus platters lots as well! But sometimes it's really frustrating when the only thing one can get at a restaurant is something you make all the time at home.

CM said...

I know what you mean but for me sometimes going out is about being with people and socializing more than about going out to eat for something different than what I would make at home. I enjoy meeting up with friends for drinks & food, and I am happily surprised when I find something vegan at a place I didn't think would have anything. And I have to say I also really enjoyed the view and the atmosphere of the Cliff House, so I will definitely go there for hummus and drinks again!

Elizabeth said...

Several years ago they had salads on their happy hour menu that were vegan (or could be made vegan). Their hummus is good and it is a nice place to grab a drink after work.

I went to the Cliff House with friends for dinner several months ago. We called ahead and confirmed they would be able to accommodate a vegan; they said yes.

The night we were there the waitress checked with the chef and he made me something special. It was very simple but very good: Fresh, seasonal veggies sautéed and served on top of fresh raw kale. I also made a trip to the salad bar. It was a nice and satisfying meal and I was able to enjoy the company of my friends.

CM said...

Good to know about the chef being able to make you something, Elizabeth! That sounds like it would have been tasty.

I went here with my husband for happy hour again this past Friday, and we enjoyed the hummus and veggies and also an order of the Breadfarm baguette, which is vegan. It's such a relaxing place to unwind and it has an amazingly lovely view.