Sunday, July 7, 2013

Simmering Tava Brings More Vegan Options to the Farmers Market

The Saturday before this last one I was down at the Farmers Market eating  amazing Ethiopian food. I of course ate past the point of being full (because Mulu's food is so darn delicious!), and afterwards wandered around with my husband to check out the rest of the Market. There was no way I could eat anything else, but we walked past the food vendors anyway because I am always on the look-out for new vegan options, which is how we came across Simmering Tava. I happily noted that their menu board listed several vegan dishes, and I also could not help but notice the yummy smells drifting through the air as we walked by.

I snapped a couple of pictures and then chatted a bit with the owners who were very friendly. I thanked them for having vegan options and they offered to give me a sample of a veggie fritter to try. I explained I was beyond full at the moment, and that there was no way I could eat another bite, but I also said that I would definitely return again at a later date. They offered to make the sample very small, and said that I could split it with my husband, and we found ourselves unable to resist this offer despite how much food we had already consumed. It tasted really wonderful, and the sauce it came with was super-yummy and fresh.

Later that day I checked out the Simmering Tava website, and I was so impressed to read about how much they value local and organic food, and how they are committed to environmentally-friendly practices. They offer an awesome delivery service where they use re-useable jars as to-go containers ("Tiffin in a Jar"), and they explain how "Better ingredients make better food which makes a better person," which means they don't use ingredients with preservatives and chemicals or pesticides.

From their website:

"We avoid the ‘fake’ and GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods at home – You are our friends and family and we will feed you with only the wholesome natural ingredients we use ourselves. Local and organic first, only if we can’t find it in our area only then will we search to find natural suppliers outside of our Pacific Northwest neighborhood."

Can you see why I am excited? Not only do I love Indian food, I get particularly happy when I can find delicious local food that is produced in ways that align with my beliefs and my values. I promise to report back when I have actually enjoyed a meal from Simmering Tava, but so far, all signs indicate that this place is going to be another great addition to the Farmers Market and to Bellingham!


Vegan Dogs said...

We've eaten their food 3 different times. They are amazing! I am super glad to have them at the Farmer's Market!

Rajat said...

Thank you very much for mentioning us. I am very happy to hear our efforts are being appreciated so much! Please stop by us anytime and we are also happy and super glad to be at the Bellingham Farmers Market.

Simmering Tava

CM said...

Thanks Rajat! I hope to make it next weekend! I am looking forward to it!