Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mole: 554 Pandora Ave., Victoria B.C.

As we did with Lotus Pond, we also dined at Mole twice, once for lunch-dinner, (aka "linner" ), and once for breakfast. I liked everything about the place, from their art deco sign to the very cute and friendly waitress, (who kindly answered all of my questions and talked to me about the fresh pea shoots on my salad), but most of all to the delicious garden-fresh-tasting and very inspiring food.

For linner I enjoyed this huge and wonderful yam, avocado, fresh basil, sprouts, and roasted garlic, most-phenomenol wrap. I am going to have to try to re-create this at home sometime. The flavor combinations were perfect. And when we returned for breakfast, I enjoyed a fabulous tofu scramble with pesto potatoes. When I told the waitress how impressed I was with how yummy and fresh everything was, she replied with a smile, "Yeah, that's kinda our thing." Indeed it is.

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CM said...

Had breakfast at Mole yesterday and the pesto potatoes were every bit as delicious as I remembered! (There's also a great little coffee place next door that makes a killer almond milk latte.)