Sunday, January 4, 2009

More vegan sushi!

One thing I love about Bellingham is the abundance of vegan sushi options. As previously mentioned, Kyoto is my absolute favorite, but there are a number of great local places that offer good sushi as well. My most recent discovery was at the Bellingham Public Market, at a little place called Maki Zushi. I had heard from a friend that the size of the rolls at Maki Zushi are generous, and that is definitely the truth--one was all I needed.

I am a fan of multi-tasking when things are hectic, so any kind of take-out + grocery shopping combo always works well for me, especially if that take-out is both healthy and satisfying. This of course makes the fact that I can order my food and then do some shopping at Terra Organica/Bargainica absolutely perfect. I can't remember the name of the roll I ordered, but it was quite tasty and had a variety if fresh veggies in it, including carrots, avocado, cucumber, and either red or green leaf lettuce. I also recall that the toasted sesame seeds on the rice had a particularly good sesame flavor.

I want to say the cost of the roll was a little under $5.00, but I am not absolutely positive. I think I am close though, which is a good bargain when you think about that being the total price of a take-out dinner. So next time you have to grocery shop but you really wish you had time to also eat some vegan sushi, check out Maki Zushi in the Public Market.


Felicity said...

Wow, that looks sooo good. I love sushi, but it's scarce and expensive in these parts. I must learn how to make it myself!

CM said...

Judging by the pictures from your blog, I bet your sushi would be spectacular!